Financial services you can rely on.

With years of experience working with a range of businesses and industries, Tight Ship takes the hassle of bookkeeping off your plate so you can focus on growing your business. Tight Ship assists in getting your numbers in order by performing a Tight Ship Analysis, reviews and planning.

Our bookkeeping packages are based on you and your needs. Check out our options and services below, and reach out for custom pricing.



Bookkeeping Packages


Custom financial packages are based on you and your needs, and are tailored specifically to suit your business goals. The level and frequency of assistance is entirely up to you, which is why we offer bookkeeping services on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

You can choose a personalized package with as little or as much service as you need to ensure you run a tight ship!






Additional Services



Fallen behind on your books? Have adjustments still lingering from your accountant?

We can get you all caught up. Banks reconciled, sales entered, and books trued up so you can carry on doing what you do best — growing your business.

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Our aim is to get your business' financial operations and systems in line — so you can focus on your growth. Interested in doing your own bookkeeping but need support and training on how to effectively use your accounting software or to understand the basics of accounting principles? Not sure what procedures and financial systems to implement? 

Regardless of your need, at Tight Ship Bookkeeping we're here to help businesses get organized! We'd recommend starting with our Basic Bookkeeping package and any supplementary training you may need.

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We apply our financial expertise to provide a 360-degree evaluation of your back office financial systems. From bookkeeping workflows to accountable reimbursement plans, Tight Ship takes both the time and attention to understand your current system and how it can better serve you and your business. 

We also provide consultative services on various issues. Have a question about a system or process? We’ve probably seen it before, and can provide a solution that will keep your business running smoothly as you grow.

  • Forecasting, Budgeting & Financial Analysis

  • Workflow & Process Improvement

  • Software & Systems Automation

  • Tax Prep Assistance

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Your business needs a budget and strategic cash flow plan to make sure that you can cover your costs, both fixed and variable. It's the key to any business' success and longevity.

Tight Ship Bookkeeping brings years of business experience to the table. We’ve helped many businesses across various industries create plans and manage cash flow so that they can grow!

An effective cash flow plan begins with a budget. Having a clear picture of your overhead and expenses means you know where your money is going and your bills are intact. That's where Tight Ship comes in. We’ll help you budget effectively and intelligently so that you never have to worry about covering your expenses.

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